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Getting Started

How To


LED safety & General Care First Time Use LED Specifications
System Hardware & Accessories First time use Xtreme LED 500W (+NIR)
Assembly Instructions Setting/Checking the Clock Xtreme LED 750W (+NIR)
Mounting Instructions User Interface Xtreme LED 1000W (+NIR)
Setting up Interlink Connection Menu System  
Connecting to the mains   LED Spectra
LCD Display Navigation Set LED Fixture Settings  
    What is PAR
  Spectrum What is μmol/J?
  Controlling the Output Power What is NIR
  Setting the Schedule  
  Manual Growing Program  
  Changing the Power Unit  
  Changing the Room Settings  
  Working Light  
  Peripheral Devices  
  Use Dimlux Plant Temperature Camera  
  Digital Peripherals - Plant Temperature (PT) Camera  
  Connect the Maxi Controller  
  Smart Ports  
  Use Sensors  
  Analog Sensors  
  Alarms, Updates & Backup  
  Backup Power  
  Updating the Firmware