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C-Result searches for all the nutrients in your substrate (soil, mapito, cocos, water culture, etc.) and brings them to the roots of your plants like a fertilizer courier.

This results in:
  • More quantity as well as more quality yield.
  • Shortens the flowering cycle with one week.
  • Acts as a growth accelerator for cuttings/seedlings and vitalizes mother plants.
  • Prevents problems and solves problems; yellow plants turn green again, flowers/fruits recover and vitalises plants after insect or fungal infestations.

C-Result only needs to be added to your water once a month.

Healty plants: administer in week 2 and week 5 of the cycle.
In case of stress, leaf problems and after an insect infestation: apply immediately.
Mother plants: Administer once a month.



1. Fill your water tank, water barrel.


2. Add your fertilizers (A+B and any boosters).


3. Then add C-Result (5ml C-Result per liter of water).


4. Set PH to desired value.


C-Result is not a plant nutrient but an additive, so you can continue to use your own brands of plant nutrients and combine it with C-Result.

However, C-Result also has its own plant nutrient set up consisting of three components A, B and Cpk.
The patented C-Result has already been processed in this nutrient line, as well as the start booster, Phosphor Potassium booster, silicon and enzymes.


Collaboration with Wageningen University


The requirements for reducing the emission of fertilizers and plant protection products from greenhouse horticulture companies are becoming increasingly strict.
In 2027, the sector must be (virtually) emission-free, in other words the "drain water" must be reused.
This entails many problems because, among other things, nitrogen N is insufficiently broken down/absorbed from the salts of the drain water.


According to WUR, C-result can play a key role in this.
C-Result and the University of Wageningen have signed a contract for this.
In a four-year study, WUR, Wageningen University & Research will investigate how C-Result can fulfill this key role and how it will be applied in the more distant future of greenhouse horticulture.


You can already benefit from the advantages of C-result yourself.
C-Result is freely available for both professional and hobby growers!


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