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C BIG BUDS is the first PK booster combined with encapsulated Calcium Chloride.
The Calcium Chloride ensures that the Potassium is better transported and absorbed by the plant.
This way your plant creates harder, more compact and shiny fruits / flowers. In addition, the Phosphorus in combination with encapsulated Calcium Chloride provides a larger and more sterile root system.
Your plant can absorb C BIG BUDS in a larger PH range (between PH 4.0 and PH 8.0).
C BIG BUDS also has a cleaning effect on the irrigation system and dissolves remaining fertiliser salts. C BIG BUDS can be combined with all types of fertilisers.
Use C BIG BUDS in the last 3 weeks before harvest (every watering).


  1. Fill your tank with water
  2. Add your A and B fertiliser to your tank and mix it.
  3. Then add C BIG BUDS to your tank and mix it: 1 ml C BIG BUDS per liter of water.
  4. Adjust your PH in your tank
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